What is Prucia


Prucia is a French plum liqueur made from high-quality plums grown on the sun-drenched hills of Southern France. Prucia has a distinctive rich flavor born of plums macerated in a grape-based spirit, and aged in brandy casks. There are many ways to enjoy Prucia: on the rocks, mixed with Soda, mixed with champagne, and more. Volume:700ml / Alcoholic Content:15%

The Secret of Prucia

[INGREDIENTS] Prucia is made from high-quality sun-drenched plums grown in the south of France. The base spirit is made from grapes, which brings out the fruity flavor of the plums.

[AGING] Prucia was created by Jules Bremant, the liqueur section of famed Cognac maker Louis Royer. Prucia is aged in Louis Royer's limousin oak brandy casks, which brings out its rich flavor.

[COCKTAILS] Prucia is great on the rocks or in cocktails. We recommend trying it French-style by mixing it with champagne. Prucia gives cocktails that unique flamboyance of a French plum liqueur.

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