Prucia Story

vol.3 Louis Royer and Jules Bremant, the Birthplace of Prucia – Roots of Prucia II

Jules Bramant, the Liqueur department of Louis Royer (Cognac, France) is responsible for the development and production of Prucia. Here is a story of our significant player in Prucia invention.

The gentle currents of the Charente River

The Charente River that flows by Louis Royer is foggy and mystic in the morning and delights us with swans and ducks in the afternoon. In summer, the river is lively with families enjoying their vacation on their boats. Just looking at the shining surface and the gentle flow of the river allows you to enjoy a relaxed time and gives you a peace of mind.

Louis Royer is a renowned cognac maker founded in 1853. Cognac refers to brandy made in the Cognac region of France. However, the French government strictly controls the quality of Cognac under the “controlled designation of origin” (A.O.C.) law, that is, not all brandy made in the Cognac region are necessarily entitled to the name “Cognac”. The law specifically states the variety of grape, region of growth, shape and size of the distillation still, distillation period, storage method and storage period needed. Only those which respect all these regulations and also pass the mandatory inspections are granted the honour of being called a Cognac.

Vineyards near Louis Royer.

Ancestral residence of the Royer family.

Honey bees greet you at the entrance

The founder, Louis Royer, was originally the chief blender for another Cognac maker, but decided to establish his own Cognac company in 1853. Honey bees were chosen for the company arms for his love of beekeeping. Now, the Louis Royer brand is enjoyed not only in France but overseas in countries like the USA, China and many more. Since 1990 Louis Royer has started full-scale development/production of liqueurs in partnership with Suntory, and now with the fusion of brandy and liqueur making technology we have created a new line of products like Prucia. 150 years of spirit-making professionalism and passion brings to you Prucia, and Louis Royer remains as committed as ever to give you nothing but the best.

Louis Royer is situated in the city of Jarnac, in France's Cognac region. It is approximately 2 1/2 hours from Paris by the TGV. From there, another hour's drive by car through the vineyards brings you to Louis Royer.



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