Prucia Story

  • vol.1 Making of Prucia

    The inspiration of making Prucia comes from French home tradition to preserve plums in wine or spirits. Though in France, only the preserved plum is eaten and the spirit is discarded, the creators of Prucia were struck with the idea to use that very spirit as a base for a delicious liqueur.
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  • vol.2 Moissac, Plum growing region of France – Roots of Prucia I

    The Romanesque Saint-Pierre Abbey remains world famous today for its beautiful cloister and sculptures. The cloister was completed in the 11th Century, with 76 columns remaining more or less in their original state, still echoing the medieval atmosphere. 46 of the 76 columns depict scenes from the Bible and stories of saints.
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  • vol.3 Louis Royer and Jules Bremant, the Birthplace of Prucia – Roots of Prucia II

    Louis Royer is a renowned cognac maker founded in 1853. Cognac refers to brandy made in the Cognac region of France. However, the French government strictly controls the quality of Cognac under the “controlled designation of origin” (A.O.C.) law, that is, not all brandy made in the Cognac region are necessarily entitled to the name “Cognac”.
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  • vol.4 The Plumvine
    (Spring in Moissac)

    March. Spring is in the air, and plums begin to blossom in Moissac. The warm rays of sunshine take away the cold, and the dainty white plum flowers start to decorate the orchards. And what a sight it is to behold!
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